Monday, May 07, 2007


Time to catch up with my fans.

Hiya 'Queefy'! What on earth is a 'pen0r'? Whatever it is I sure wont be sucking on it, as you probably keep it between your arse cheeks. Let's check out your profile, maybe the mysterious 'pen0r' resides there. Ah...Emo haircut, check. Let's delve further.

"Occupation: Chronic Masturbater" So no surprises then. Onwards we go...

Awww poor queefster got shy on us. Oh well, I was hoping for something more interesting. You wasted my time. You tit.

'anonymous', thanks for the polite offer to 'fuck' me. But you haven't bought me dinner yet you cheap bastard\bitch. Oh and p.s. I'm not a WHORE!

Arschblog, glad to know you agree with me on the Google issue.

That should be the last 'Mailbag', it's probably better to answer all your further questions in the comments. Any interesting questions\comments however, may be made into a post. So get your thinking caps on-I might make you famous!



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