Monday, December 10, 2007


In their efforts to sexualize Hermione, the film makers have lost focus on two facts. Firstly, she is a witch, and secondly, she is described with big buck teeth and bushy hair. All of which are integral to her character in the stories.
Hollywood seems reluctant to acknowledge the literal descriptions that authors place in their books, disregarding plot, changing characters, and 'fixing' dialogue. Every book is turned into a boy meets girl predictable tale. Lord of The Rings is another example of a poor book to movie translation. Potter was hacked so much that, though I had recently read the Goblin of Fire, even I and the person I watched it with [who also read it] were thoroughly confused at the film. The narrative had been killed. Characters would do things for no apparent reason. They tried to form a romantic link between Harry and Hermione, knowing full well that there was no such suggestion in the book [the films being behind the book, it was quite obvious where the romantic ties lay - but you can't have the lead character not get the girl in Hollywood]. The book had a mystery who-done-it plot. But the moviemakers decided this might be too difficult for a filmgoing audience. So they revealed the killer at the start. Genius.
Had they bothered to be more faithful to the book, they would have produced a better film. The book reads like a film. It's plotted like one. So what gives?
P.s. I know she looks like  a monster freak in my drawing.

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