Friday, February 08, 2008


I shouldn't have rushed the colouring.

There's more than one Chuck Jones cartoon with that singing dancing frog story, right? It's not just my imagination as a child? Even when I was younger, I used to be curious as to the motivation of the frog. Why would it only show that one guy that it could sing and dance. Now I know it was just being a WHORE! Or maybe it was based on some Aesop's fable or other moral tale. From Wiki[wiki, wiki, wild wild west]pedia :~

"The story may have been inspired by the real-life tale of Ol' Rip, a horned toad who apparently survived 31 years sealed in the cornerstone of the courthouse in Eastland, Texas. The cornerstones in both cases had been laid in the 1890s. There are also connections to African myths."

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