Friday, August 31, 2007


He's probably not mad, but if he sees what I did to his face in this first painting, he'll be fuming. He seems to have an alien quality to him in my [unintentional] interpretation of humanity gone awry. I probably should have smoothed out the texture more - he's looking more aged than he should. and that stuff on his temple that looks like liver spots are actually his hair and, er...things that shouldn't be there.

This is a second in the theme [was going to do more...], profile this time. Incase you didn't notice. More recognisable as the man, but you probably would not know it was him had I not mentioned his name. There is more contrast - the light source is brighter, and the shadow is more encompassing. The first seems to look better in the enlarged version and the second looks better in the small version. Strange. Both referenced from movie stills but not traced [obviously, otherwise he wouldn't have that fat round face I gave him in the first pic, and he's looking up in the second but I noticed the photo had him looking straight ahead; there are so many failings, sheesh!]

Better balanced now that I post for the women, oui?

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