Saturday, August 25, 2007


I have a special prize of a mock mini computer made by Pear Shaped Inc to give away to the 500th viewer of my profile! All you have to do to claim is to take a screen grab of the 500th profile view and I will send you your prize.

*UPDATE* I won!

I saw that '300' film. Poor effort. Sin City was good, so this had potential. Or did it? [dum dum DUMMMM!!!]
One of the most over Hollywoodised stories ever makes this film a joke. In one scene, the leader of the Spartan army refers to a neighbouring city as 'boy-lovers'. HAHA! In fact historian will point out that Spartans would take the young boy recruits as boyfriends, and it was even embarrassing in their culture to not be 'chosen' by a great warrior. Then there's this poorly conceived love story between the leader and his wife. The problem is, no such love could blossom in Spartan culture, as the boys were taken from their mothers at a young age to go off training. Then of course the homosexuality will ensue. Spartans believing this to be essential so that warriors will have a tighter bond with their compatriots. When it was time for them to take a wife so as to give birth to more warriors, the women lay waiting in dimly lit rooms, so that the men would not be put off by their femininity! Then the movie has this whole Braveheart underlining [even using Scottish accent for leader], concerning freedom, anti-slavery and whatnot. But the Spartans kept slaves themselves and, according to historians, they were quite the bullies and humiliators of these slaves. I got all this from reading an article in the Evenening Standard or Daily Telegraph. One of the two [well researched...]. But besides that, I couldn't enjoy the film as a movie, due to the boring sepia look that permeates throughout, stupid dialogue and narration and general flimsyness of the whole thing.

That's what I thought. But then I read this and started to question my opinion on the film:-

No wait it's still a bad film.

Still, if it's sweaty male pugilist he wants, who am I to deny him?

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