Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I know that, for reasons unbeknownst to rational folk, people who consider themselves to be 'cartoonists' vehemently despise 3d software and imagery [in fact, ANY software, if recent statements that Adobe Flash has somehow got some malicious code built into it by jealous programmers which cause any and all animation created with it to be 'shittified'©, are to be believed], so it's with some trepidation that I lay this gift onto your supple lap. It's name is Makehuman. It's free. The gist is, you use it to pose your figure to help you as reference for drawing [at least that's the use I came up for it]. You can shape the model with real world attributes such as age, sex height weight, and\or go in more detailed and adjust each appendage at will. I've only messed about with it for short bursts, but then I tried to come up with something as a test of the practicalities of use. Not bad result considering I went in with only the thought of making a Spiderman pose [I didn't even have a specific idea of a web-slinger pose, just went with some typical Spidey things, like the fingers, as I went along]. I need to do more testing, as this took a long time to pose, but I've tried 'Poser' previously and had serious trouble with actually posing figures in a way I wanted. Plus this one doesn't have the full feature set yet, so some of the adjusters are blank. I, for example, couldn't get the curve on the back that I wanted, nor the exact positioning of the head.  But I see the potential as a virtual mannequin, and so will the more adventurous of you. whores

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