Tuesday, October 02, 2007


This was done some time last year [2006]. Was checking out the trial version of Painter. That ended after 60 days, but I had only saved it in Painter's native 'riff' format. Finally got to a computer with Painter on it so I exported as a photoshop psd, which I knew to work with Artrage. I was thinking of putting a backdrop in there, but I decided to leave it as-is. I did have to erase some spillage that occurred in the conversion to psd. I think it might have been a mask that doesn't get imported\exported correctly between formats.

It's good to see some old work, at least it shows I'm making some progress with my painting techniques [albeit not much progress]. Strangely the inking seems to be better than what I do these days. Not sure. I think I was using pastels for colouring. Possibly oil pastels. Used to do some pastel and oil pastel stuff with 'real' materials. Thought I was quite the hotshot, till one fateful day I saw the work of some girl on the course I was doing, which completely blew away anything I had done with pastels. So naturally I resented them after that point. hehee! Can't remember how I did those tears, but I sure do like! The whole thing is a bit pixelated though

Oh yeah, this frog is from a Ren and Stimpy cartoon. Phew, narrowly avoided litigation there. Oh, I didn't take credit for the character, that means it's no longer plagiarism, and that makes this whole post a SHAM!

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