Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Not one for the elaborate phone doodle - if you do see these, 'more than squiggles' drawings, and it was you on the other end of the phone conversation, then that person is trying to tell you that you are boring.

So thank goodness for customer 'service' who are willing to put you on hold long enough to complete an opus animation. Animated twenty-four frames a second. idiots

Here's the process behind the thinking, for those who want to follow along and create their own masterpieces!

It starts with some random double-helix scribbles - classic phone sketch fodder. Then, artfully transformed into some sort of bacteriophage. Mmm, nice! Then, a glove puppet enters, stage right - HUZZAH! Now, a puppet with no master is one for suspicion. What devilry controls this hand-less abomination?! Thus an arm was drawn out into a body. And the logical conclusion resulted in a Poe-pee sporting a berét.

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