Tuesday, October 30, 2007


After 7 days of consecutive posts, I decided to have 7 days of no posts. I thought I would get some response on my wacom post. Considering I brought the news before many sites, such as Cold Hard Flash [my quick news delivery explicitly implies I have the best website on the internet]. Plus all my hard work and research for the tips. *whimper*

One of my favourite shows growing up was Heathcliff. Yes, an 80's cartoon. Now I will be shunned by the cartoon elitists. Oh boo-hoo, stick it up your collective bumholes. Heathcliff was funny. Heathcliff was an arrogant terrorist [evident in the lyrics of the title song] who had the neighbourhood under manners. You're just jealous of the pungent musk from his compact balls.

Apparently there were two versions. First the Ruby-Spears created with 'Dingbat' and 'Marmaduke', then the DiC series with 'the Cats and Company' [led by cat dwarf, and pimp cane sporting 'Riff Raff']. Seeing as I don't remember this Dingbat or Mamaduke, it's safe to assume I've only seen the DiC versions. And please, no jokes about crsP liking the DiC. Especially as I was watching it for the pussy! Ba-boom chii...

Best I leave it there for now. There's much I would want to say about Heathcliff.

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