Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I likes monkey. Used to watch the T.V. show when I was younger. Love the Chinese animated cartoon. Read the original book [translated into English]. Was foolish enough at one point to think of making a cartoon of it. Then Jaime Hulett does that before me.

I like his designs, but he doesn't seem to be keeping to the description in the book - more like taking the idea of the character and the world around him, and making them conform to his vision.

This was just a sketch really. Not the animated character I had in mind at all. I've drawn him in different ways [I think this started as a pirate, who knows]. But I had this saved for a while now and I don't want to bother with painting up a really bad sketch. So neer.

Monkey, like Superman, is a very strange character when you think about it. They're both almost completely indestructible. And even if they could be beaten in a fist fight, they have other absurd powers. Superman has the inexplicable laser eyes and super cold breath. Monkey can make multiple versions of himself from strands of his fur, which he can then put back onto his body - essentially giving him a traveling army of monkeys just like him. I bet the pubes are the toughest though.

Where Monkey and Superman differ, however, is in their use of their powers. Monkey has no issues with showing off and using his abilities to make life easier. He wanted to use them to collect the scriptures from the west but the Budhavista was having none of that. Party pooper. But Superman and his self-righteous attitude will instead pretend to be a nerdy journalist all day when he could be saving lives or building orphanages. What kind of logic is that? Don't say kryptonian logic. That would be dumb.

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