Monday, October 15, 2007


One thing which seems to be popular with people doing life drawings is the caricatured life model. This is just wrong, and if any instructor is allowing this to go on, then they are IDIOTS. Life drawing is about observation and re-creation of what you see on the page. I think people who do caricatured life drawings are doing a disservice to themselves as they are not making the advancements that life drawing provides under proper application. Sure, there'll be some funny looking, and in a broad viewing, 'good' drawings. But more likely than not, these will be presented without the original model as reference to the viewer, so they're easily fooled. The rubes. It's a lot easier to accidentally unknowingly mess up proportions when you're caricaturing, but because you are engaging in the act, you let all these mistakes slip in. You lose the ability to correctly analyse what you have created against reality. Caricature can be done AFTER 'real' study. No one is stopping you from adding big noses, when the time comes. It's just a suggestion based on logic, you don't have to follow what I say. I wont shed a tear for you. I refuse to baby!

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