Monday, February 25, 2008


Don't know why, I'm loveable. Here's the skinny:~

On February Third, 2008, Nick Cross posted on the progress of his latest animated short. I noticed something in the colouring that I wanted to ask about before [not necessarily Nick Cross], which was the colouring of some moving parts being a lighter hue than the static parts. My thoughts when I saw this as a child on cartoons was that because the cel acetate were stacked, and the moving parts being the top most as they were the ones to be changed most, then that would slightly darken the lower ones, enough to be noticeable. But as He was using digital, I wondered maybe if my long held theory was wrong, as his cartoons were 'painted' like that. Or maybe he just liked the aesthetic. I did start off with a compliment to his progress so far and then asked my question. But I guess something in it set him off on a wild angry comment deleting fit. 

Obviously, in these type of situations, I've learnt it's best to just leave them and their website be. No answers will be gained. The mysteries of the universe still remain as such. HOWEVER, I call forth a rain of one thousand Barriers upon his next Bbq. And late night phone calls from Elmslie explaining to him how anybody who uses Flash to animate is doomed to producing a pile of turds, no matter how much effort they put in it. With the caveat that if JohnK happens to do a few layouts for the cartoon, that will stem the tide of the inevitable, thus making the cartoon look not at all like it was created in Flash [don't ask me about the technicalities of how this works - it's not my theory]...

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Blogger Arschblog said...

Why does some people get so angry when you tell what you really think? You don't say anything mean, you tried to help. I like to read your comments because what you say it's true and it helps me!
More people should say and write what they think!

Ps: I like the guy in the bed!XD
Does he have a boner...?

3/01/2008 01:29:00 PM  
Anonymous Mr Tweeny said...

tsk tsk, Nicky Cross deleted my comment too.I believe it was "post some more animation ya bum" which was a humorous way to say "cool stuff, post some more please".But I dont think he understands "jokes" and "humor" as evidenced later by watching Waif Of Persephone (oooo im such a bitch).

3/04/2008 06:51:00 AM  
Blogger crsP said...

arschblog, I'm glad you appreciate the critique - I was worried that maybe it wasn't welcomed, as some people say 'tell me what you think', but what they really mean is 'tell me how perfect everything is', so I might be seen as a complete jerk! haha! But the comment I left on his post wasn't a critique at all. I only asked a question about why he coloured his characters in a certain way.

As for the boner...well, no, it wasn't meant to be. But when I was drawing that part, which is his stomach, I did think I should round out the curve more as I myself thought it looked like a boner too! I just forgot to do it. But if it's a boner, then his parents must be proud!

mr tweeny, I can see that your comment is harmless, after all, why would you want to see more of his work if you hated him? My comment didn't include anything nasty, not even in a playful way, like yours, but I structured it in a way I thought was humorous at the time, which was to give the paragraphs titles. Something like 'Prologue To Question', then the body would contain my observations, 'Delivery Of Question', with the question of course, and finally 'Anticipation Of Answer'. Something like that, so not sure if it got lost in translation. As for Waif Of Persephone, I saw the sample he posted, and although it didn't have much big laughs and was more twee, I did find it charming and would have liked to see the rest of it. I saw that black and white one he did, and there was that same sort of slow build up and allure with he love story leading to a payoff at the end. Obviously buying it means giving my details to him, and I can't do that due in small part to his deletion, not to mention recent events that have occured! hahaha

3/04/2008 07:23:00 PM  

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