Friday, April 06, 2007


You know you're amazed at the newness of this post-adimit it!!! There are NO posts above it, and plenty below~>it's new I tells ya! ... Okay, what other proof do you want? A birth certificate?! Some people are so difficult to please-sheeh!

I'm announcing my retirement from posting comments on the John Kricfalusi log. Yes, I think the poor guy deserves a holiday. He's tried deleting my post, but I keep posting. He's tried ignoring my comments, but I keep on typing, having lots of fun one-sided conversations where I would ask a question and get no answer. Then I would contradict something he wrote. But also bring examples to back up my argument. The comment would appear, but no rebuttal. Was I correct? Did I win the argument? who knows, but one way conversation is no fun. Except for radio djs. But most djs are douches.

Yea, there's probably a bit of whinging in there-but only because I like to talk about animation, and hey, JohnK is seemingly available for discussion. So don't blame me for commenting, the only animation authority I get to speak to on a daily bases is the cash machine. And you wouldn't believe the kind of shitty ideas on timing it has. So no, don't take this as an attack on JK, the reason I had to announce it will become all too apparent in the next article (yes, I am a clit-teaser).

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