Saturday, June 21, 2008


I didn't mention it in the last post, but I was not in good health when I started to colour and letter that cartoon. That's why I didn't bother doing what I was going to do with the speech bubbles -which might have made them look slightly better. But that's not the point. Soon after I had done it, I had an incident with a cat. I don't know how malicious this kitten was intentionally being, but it jumped up onto where my wacom tablet was and knocked it and the pen tool, as well as the mouse, into a basin of water. Ironically I was clearing the way to move this basin, which probably cause the cat to go off on it's exploration of my keyboard area. Known as 'Keystation Alpha Zero' to the military. I unplugged it and hadn't used it since. Just incase there was some excess water. And this is a test I did today to examine functionality. Not scientifically mind. In fact I had itunes and other applications going in the background, and my computer being not fast at all by today's standards, I was getting a few straight lines where I was drawing curves. Let's hope it's okay. Talk about bad news after bad news, eh? Then I got a stalker. He used to work on Ren and Stimpy and now he wants to get passionate with me. No way dude, this isn't a sequel to Onwards and Upwards [which he 'wrote' - would explain the lack of humour]!

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Sunday, June 08, 2008


The last ninja turtle post had a bit of a rush job [comparatively speaking!] on the cartoon. Now here's something with more of a narrative. The composition might be a bit cramped. You should have seen the first layout I did - April had a full bodied shot in her negligee and she was touching a turtle. Phew, glad no one was forced to see that one! The area of the speech is a little bit weird, I know, but I composed it without speech bubble in mind [although I had a rough outline of what I wanted them to say. Speech would also work with just Raphael saying "See it? SUCK IT". Also in that last post I made reference to the lyric 'worlds most awesome fighting team'. I think it was infact 'worlds most fearsome fighting team'. An apology goes out to the families hurt in this gross negligence.

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